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A coded diary

It is doubtful if Gorrequer ever intended his diary to be read by others. He was always very cautious abut expressing his opinions, and would never talk about his experiences on St Helena afterwards.

One of the interesting features of the diary is the use of nicknames, which are today a feature of St Helena, but were presumably used by Gorrequer to disguise identities in case anyone accidentally read his scribblings.

Amongst the often humorous names he used were:

Mach (Machiavelli) - Hudson Lowe Constipation - Colonel Charles Nicol Denzil Periwinkle - Denzil Ibbetson Nincumpoop, Ninny - Sir Thomas Reade Old Brick and Mortar - Major Anthony Emmet Saul Sapiens - Saul Solomon Shrug - Count Bertrand Sultana or Donna - Lady Howe German /Teutonic - William Janisch, clerk to Lowe Neighbour or Vicino - Napoleon Weeping Willie - Sir William Doveton Veritas - Count Montholon Yam Maggiore Long Shanks

Many thanks to John Tyrrell for use of extracts from his blog Reflections on A Journey to St Helena which can be read in full at


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