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A kick from the Ass:

Bonaparte & Lowe

A debate with

Andrew Roberts & Sir Brian Unwin

In this fascinating live debate, distinguished historian Andrew Roberts and Chair of the British Napoleonic  Bicentenary Trust Sir Brian Unwin examine the relationship between two very different men – one a colossus of history; the other a humble civil servant – and consider how history has judged them.

Contemplations on Exile

With Prof. Dan Yon, Prof. Hlonipha Mokoena & Will Atkins

Dan Yon shares his 'Contemplations on Exile'; with historian Hlonipha Mokoena  and the author and travel writer Will Atkins. They will discuss St Helena’s long history as a place of banishment and isolation, and the significance of this to the Island’s identity.

Napoleon's Last Battle

With Adam Zamoyski &

Professor Alan Forrest

When Napoleon was sent to exile on Saint Helena, the final battle of his life commenced - for his legacy. Join eminent historians Adam Zamoyski and Professor Alan Forrest  discuss how the accounts of Napoleon on St Helena were written , and why they elicited such sympathy - even in Britain.

British Witnesses to Napoleon

With Peter Hicks

The death of Napoleon  St Helena  brought to a crescendo 25 years of English-language publishing on the Emperor. Thousands of pages all appeared within two years of his demise . Peter Hicks proposes to highlight recent research  and discoveries in British relations with Napoleon on St Helena.

Toby, Napoleon and Slavery on Saint Helena


With Prof Daniel Yon, Colin Fox

& Dr Andrew Pearson

Our speakers discuss the history of slavery on the island of Saint Helena, slavery in the time of Napoleon and an unlikely friendship that developed between the Emperor and Toby, a slave living on the estate of The Briars.

A tour of Saint Helena

With Brent Fortenberry PhD  &

Dr Oliver Cox

Brent Fortenberry (Texas A&M) and Oliver Cox (Oxford Humanities Division) present a virtual tour through the heritage sites of Saint Helena. With the remarkable use of 3D imaging, this event is a chance to become familiar with the lesser-known sites on the island, to learn of their history and potentially save them from ruin.

Napoleon 200

Launch event

With Sir Brian Unwin &

Dan Cruickshank

On September 10th, the British Napoleonic Bicentenary Trust officially launched Napoleon 200 - a project which aims to consider the significance of Napoleon’s death on Saint Helena and to preserve the built and cultural heritage of the island. Join our trustees in this event to learn more about the project, it's aims and how you can get involved in our events leading up to May 5th, 2021.

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